Hello there! If you are curious to find out and I bet you are, my name is … . My name goes perfectly with my personality. I am, first of all, strong and independent. Nothing can stop me when it comes to reaching my goals. Second of all, I am friendly and loyal. The people that will get to know me very well, will surely notice the fact that I’m always taking in consideration the wellbeing of my loved ones. But even love comes with just the right amount. I can let go pretty easily of someone if our feelings/ interests aren’t the same anymore.


Meet BusttyRae, Latin performer, 22, with verts eyes and noirs hair.

BusttyRae's favorite kind of sex: I’m a total heterosexual. The only feminine body that has presented interest to me was my own. I worship my body and I love it when men do the same thing.

BusttyRae's turn-ons: Men that know how to handle responsibilities are quite a major turn on for me. The fact that they act so grown-up makes me really trust them and give myself to them so much easier. I’d never go for momma’s boy, I’d go for the dad material.