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Turn-ons: Orders, guidance and a proper training for my deviant nature will alter in the most intense orgasm


Turn-ons: I love to distract you, because you are such a sweet, sweet victim of my seductive cruel mind!


Turn-ons: I love nothing more then wearing my leather ,latex and pvc costumes ,in a combination with one of my pairs of over knee leather boots.I'm always prepared for your private attention! One of my favourite fetishes is body bondage,so i would love to show


Favorite kind of sex: When a woman sexually surrenders to a dominant man, she’s no longer responsible to anyone, not even to herself. She can completely let go, and allow herself to be 100% taken and consumed by another.So i am surrender to you take me in what position


Favorite kind of sex: on the top


Favorite kind of sex: doggy style


Turn-ons: polite people


Turn-ons: Fetish world is a continue turn on,I love being disciplined ,humiliated ,teached ,I am here to submit to please and to fulfill your kinks