I am a person who has faced many challenges in life, I have gained friends, lost friends and lost people important in my life. I like to have fun. I think that if you just work then your life will be sad, boring and you will be un happy. I always try to see life for the good or bad things such as they are. I like very much to talk about most anything and to give advices, I like to be around people that make me happy. I am verry happy in the summer because it is the perfect time to be at the beach. I just pretend to know I like to watch the sunset, it is the most important moment of the day. When the sun meets the moon it is a romantic time. Friends there are few words to describe me. Respect it's what I offer but also ask.


Meet CurlySmile, Européen performer, 27, with verts eyes and blond hair.

CurlySmile's favorite kind of sex: As long as you are in charge i will follow you. I like at the men I am with that he can handle me. Sometimes I like wild sex and sometimes I like it soft and tender.

CurlySmile's turn-ons: People who respect me and my job. I like to joke a lot so you have to make it too. Speding time with me it will be your best asset.