..some little pretty freak I'm the kind that's never bored.., always want something meaningful. ..based on: ''If anyone can have it, then I don't want it''. I love rough things, they are more real.. So thats why i love acting on my instincts.. i'm that cutie that will surprise you when you least expected.. ;)


Meet Zeya, Européen performer, 27, with marron eyes and châtain hair.

Zeya's favorite kind of sex: Straight to the bones.. :)) I don't have issues with the others, its just that i am definitely hetero :) ..my quote for this? ''Men belong to women'' ..and the other way around :p

Zeya's turn-ons: Definitely a turn on is the way you speak to me.. say the right thing (you kno' that women needs to be lied beautifully ;) ). ..Humor, Skill, Wit, Sex appeal ..that order. (said once a very intelligent men - Robert Redford ) Darlings.. if you captur